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WTB: Caterham 7, SV Preferable, CA-registered a Plus

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  • WTB: Caterham 7, SV Preferable, CA-registered a Plus

    Hello All:

    Seems strange that my first post is a want-ad, but so it goes. Before I plunk down my $ for a new one, and the attendant wait until next year to get it registered [I live in the Bay Area], I thought I would post that I am also interested in a pre-loved 7. I would probably prefer an SV, because I am 6'3", 190lb, with a size 12 shoe. But I am certainly open to possibilities. Thanks. Great forum, BTW.
    Four seats between them.

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    You might check with Golden Gate Sevens at Sears Pt. They have a red/ali SV demo. For Sale?? I don't know.



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      I don't know of any CA SV's for sale, but here are two out-of-state cars. This one in Utah has been for sale for over a year now:
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      (Its the red one at the top of the page)
      This one in Maryland didn't make reserve on ebay:

      Of course, if you don't mind something a tad smaller but a lot less expensive, I know a nice guy who is selling a yellow Birkin. 8)


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        Thanks soareyes. I knew about the one in Utah; pretty nice. The picture links aren't loading on the ebay auction, but the description is good. Still, I am reluctant to acquire a 7 that has been previously titled out-of-state. Some folks' experience w/ SB100 suggests that could be a problem, though it is not clear to me why.

        I am already trying to set up a time with Rich at GGS to come visit his shop. Appreciate the pointers. I know about the Birkin; it's nice, but not what I want.
        Four seats between them.