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    Hello everyone,
    I'm selling my Birkin and I would appreciate any help spreading the word to anyone you know who might be interested. Don't worry Brad, there is a good reason for this, which I'll save for the end of this post!

    Here are the details:
    Its a 2 year old Birkin S3 with approximately 12,500 miles. It has a Ford ZX3 2.0L engine (was a new crate engine when the car was built) with the stock Ford fuel injection and controlled by a stock Ford ECU. It is yellow with carbon fiber front wings, dash, and rear wing guards. It runs great, everything works, and there is nothing that needs attention. Perhaps most importantly, it has the SB100 exemption for California so no smog inspections are required, ever! I'm asking $20,000.

    Please contact me for all the details ([email protected]). Here are a couple pictures:

    I'm selling this Birkin because I just bought another Birkin that has all the upgrades I was planning to eventually do to mine. An instant cure to upgraditis! :lol:


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    Hey Stan, that is great! When are you going to show off your new toy? I have seen it 2 years ago but forgot the details.

    I hope your yellow car will stay in the area.....the yellow ones are the best :P



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      Hmmmmmmmmmm :P This could get interesting :twisted:

      Scott Spiess


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        Stan: You scared the crap outta me: you really do understand how much I HATE to see 7s leave their owners. My slightly educated guess is that a certain green Birkin in Calabasas is also on the move. From the specs that sounds like a really good car and it doesn't have many miles on the clock. I know that you will remedy the mileage situation!!

        Scott: I last saw Stan's car two weeks ago on our Mt. Palomar blat. It's a beautiful and well cared for 7. At that price it's worth a good long look, if you are contemplating a 7 purchase. This was one of the cleanest cars at our April Streets of Willow event. You could do a lot worse..... Anyway, it's a chance to see a very nice car worthy of consideration. And if you want a 7 now is the time to start familiarizing yourself with what's out there. 8) Brad


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          Brad - Thanks for the kind words about my car, and yes, I bought Philips car.
          It is equally well kept and he is a great guy too.

          Gert - Hopefully we can get some sort of blat going soon so I can show it off!
          I will miss the yellow, but maybe I can put a yellow racing strip on the bonnett someday? :wink: I do remember that the lead four cars on the PalomarBlat were always the yellow ones :!: :lol:



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            Stan: Congrats on being the first guy in the club to solve the upgrade problem by buying a complete car. A very effective solution! The rest of us are just pluggin' along one peice at a time.

            Please give us some clue as to the specs of your new acquisition (All those upgrades you WON'T have to buy now). Pics available?

            I would guess that your yellow 7 will find a new home pretty fast @ that price. Can I make it conditional that the new home is in CA? 8)


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              Stan: Getting any bites on this? 8)


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                I have a few people that have expressed interest, but nobody close enough to Victorville to have come out to see it yet. May have to take it to the Streets of Willow to get a buyer, as that seemed to work for Martin! :lol: It would be great to have it stay in California.

                I picked up the new car Saturday, and no pictures yet but I need to take some for the insurance company so I'll post them soon. As far as upgrades, it has what Woody calls his stage 2 Zetec engine (165 hp), light flywheel (sure revs quick!), lsd, and a Pectel ECU, plus a nice set of Panasport wheels. There are some other things too, but nothing that I couldn't have done to the yellow car, just nice to have all at once 8) :!:



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                  The light flywheel does make a very noticeable difference in rev-ability! Has something to do with spinning 9 pounds of metal rather than the stock 23 pounds attached to the crankshaft.

                  Does the stage 2 motor have a different induction system or cams?

                  If you are bringing the yellow car to the Streets you might invite your bro to be the guest driver---if he is interested in such hedonistic fun things---tends to run in families. That way you would have some one you possibly trust to drive it to the Streets.

                  Good luck!


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                    Still for Sale!

                    My Birkin is still for sale!
                    I added a few more pictures to my gallery (thanks Magnus, for adding this feature to the website). Click on each thumbnail to enlarge:

                    Email me for more photos or details!

                    Oops, Doug just informed me that my link above may take you to the wrong gallery. If so, click on my "Profile" button below, then click on "Personal Gallery of soareyes" in my profile, under "total posts". I also added a couple engine pics.


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                      SOLD :!:
                      To the nice gentleman (George) from Monterrey. :D
                      I'm going to miss yellow, but I'm sure BRG will grow on me :wink:


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                        George from Monterrey got himself a good car at a good price!! Is he registered on this site? It's useful for hooking up with 7 owners for some group fun. 8)


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                          Yes, I told George about the forum so hopefully we will see him registered soon.

                          Just saw another Birkin for sale, nearly identical to mine, but I think he is asking too much :wink: :


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                            Stan: That guy stole your car from you. The OTHER one is fairly priced!! Didn't know there were two in Victorville. 8)