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  • Kodiak Wheels/Avon Tires

    All of you who ordered Kodiak wheels indicated that, in an ideal world, the wheels would appear with a set of the mythical near-unobtainable Avon ACB10’s mounted and balanced. The good news is that we have been able convince the Avon importers to bring in a shipment that will fill the orders of the Kodiak purchasers, double that for inventory, plus some additional tires to cancel an outstanding credit due to Team Birkinsport (yes, we’re putting our money where our mouth is). Short term supply should thus be good. If the tires are as popular as we have told Avon they should be, they have promised to keep inventory on a regular basis. It’s now up to us to reward their faith (and my consummate ability to sell them on the idea). The tires should arrive about the time the wheels are ready.

    Those who have cars with 15â€‌ wheels and don’t want to commit to 13’s just yet, will be glad to know Avon is bringing in a few sets of 15â€‌ ACB10’s as well.

    Off to the track!

    Woody Harris
    MSI Motorsport

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    Thanks Woody. Please keep us posted as to when they will be available.
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      What is width & weight? I need a set of tires to fit on the MOG 3 piece wheels (7" fronts & 8.5" rears).