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  • Kodiak Wheel Update

    Some time ago, we asked for a show of hands regarding interest in a group purchase of Kodiak wheels for Birkins and Caterhams. Response was such that we have finalized specs for 7â€‌x13â€‌, 8â€‌x13â€‌, and 10â€‌x13â€‌ wheels for both makes of cars. Standard prices for these wheels are: 7â€‌ - $316, 8â€‌ - $331, 10â€‌ - $ 360. Special group purchase prices are 7â€‌ - $276.50, 8â€‌ - $289.50, 10â€‌ - $315. Shipping is about $25 per wheel depending on the exact destination. The wheels need to be paid for in advance. Exact shipping charges will be collected before shipment. CA residents need to add 7.375% sales tax.

    Note that the two makes of cars take different specification wheels. Additionally, the Caterham 8â€‌ front wheels are different from 8â€‌ rear wheels and Birkins may have some fitment issues on the rear, so please contact us for fitment and ordering details.

    The season is upon us, so please order no later than Friday May 20.

    Woody Harris
    MSI Motorsport
    Ask for: Woody, Jim, or Tim.