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Se7en in short-term need

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  • Se7en in short-term need

    I've been researching AVO and Nitron double ajustables, as my right rear has no compression left in it. BUT, I'm hoping to do a trip out to Phoenix, leaving Tuesday evening, and would love to take the Se7en. What I've got will get me there, just a matter of ride quality. On the off chance that the planets are in the proper alignment, does anyone have an old set of shocks siiting in the garage (just one would do, but two would be extra nice) that are somewhat close to:

    1/2" spherical bearings at both ends

    I'm not particular on the valving... the others are adjustable. I'm listed as in San Diego, but work in LA...


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    Helps if I log in...


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      Maybe not...

      contact info under member thwagmostar

      -Scott Rushworth
      '01 Westfield Megabusa
      '89 Lotus Esprit SE
      '7? Lotus Europa (seriously looking for one)


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        Scott: I have some Bilsteins that came off last summer. If they will fit you can use them until you resolve things. Brad


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          Thank you, Brad! I'm up in LA now, and won't be heading back down. The ride was OK... I just need to take it easy in cornering. Maybe someone in LA/Orange county will have something, but I should be OK. Just slower than normal.