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Now you too can have an external fuel pump!

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  • Now you too can have an external fuel pump!

    Giles Denning at Pectel USA has about six unused pumps that were specced out for Formula Atlantic cars by TRD.

    These are of the same type as I installed in my car, as described here:

    I now have about 150 miles on my pump and it works fine. Giles has yet to dig out the specs for the pump, but it is visually identical to the MSD pump
    retailed for USD 102 here:
    The pump sold there is good for 500HP.

    I have about 240-250 HP in my car, and the pump is doing fine at 60 PSI up to 7500 RPM. If you are planning to go beyond 210-220 HP, it will probably be a very good idea to upgrade your pump to something like this one.

    It is about 3-6 hours of work for a moderately skilled mechanic to remove the old pump out and install the new pump just beside the fuel filter.

    A Dremel tool will optionally be needed to remove an unused, threaded fitting from the J tube connecting the fuel filter to the new pump. (In stock configuration the tube connects the fuel filter to the fuel hose from the tank.)

    Apart from that a short philips screwdriver and some wrenches should be enough. You also need a few feet of 5/16" fuel injection tubing and some hose clamps that are up to the job.

    Giles' price including brackets and wiring terminals: $85

    Drop me a message if you want to buy one, and I'll bring it to the Streets.

    /Magnus F.