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    Hi All,

    Many of you will have seen this announcement on other lists, and I apologize for the repetition, but want to make sure we get the word out.

    At MSI Motorsport we have recently had several inquiries for 13â€‌ wheels. As a dealer for Kodiak Wheels, it occurred to us that we might be able to put together a group purchase for Se7ens and, as they say, “pass the savings on to you.â€‌ These wheels do not have to be all the same spec. i.e. Birkin vs. Caterham, but the order does have to go in all at one time.

    We are thinking in terms of 13x7â€‌ fronts and 13x8â€‌ rears. The 7â€‌ fronts normally sell for $294.72 and the 8â€‌ rears for $308.72. We would hope to be able to sell for $265 and $275 plus freight respectively, thus saving about $124 per set of four. For those of you considering an Open Class car the 13x10â€‌ wheels normally sell for $335.82ea and the group price would be $ 295. Fifteen inch diameter wheels are also possible at similar savings.

    To put things in perspective, we upgraded a Birkin from 15x7â€‌ Panasports with Hoosier DOT slicks to 7 & 8x13 Kodiaks with ACB 10s and saved 54 (yes, fifty four)lbs!

    We currently have several flavors of Caterham here with different
    brakes, etc. so we think we have a handle on those, and we are naturally up on Birkins as well. Others can contact us for further directions. Birkin owners will want to see further fitment discussion on the Birkinowners Yahoo list.

    Let us know of your interest (if any). We’ll start a list and see if we can make it happen.

    Woody Harris
    MSI Motorsport
    742 E. Main St.
    Vacaville, CA 95688