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  • Trailer?

    I’m considering running the AROSC event in April and am looking to rent a trailer for the weekend. Anyone have any leads other than Hertz?
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    I've used U-Haul in the past. Best to reserve it ahead of time.


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      I picked my car up upon purchase with a U-Haul trailer. The only thing to beware of (and I might have been overly paranoid) is scraping the oil pan on the raised license plate bracket on the crossbar of the trailer. When I loaded the car we used some separate motorcycle ramps to give a more gentle approach to the critical area, but when I got home with the car I had to find a place where I could let the built-in ramps out onto a curb to get the car off without scraping.

      If you've got regular car ramps or a bunch of 2x4s, or just some ingenuity (or if your car rides higher) it'll be no problem though! The trailer rental was $55/day in my area, plus insurance.

      Here's a photo of the offending license plate bracket. It doesn't look like it's sticking up too far here, but as the car gets onto the ramps the oil pan hanging down was too close for comfort. You can see that it's been whacked by many previous cars over the years.


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        It seems like the newer-style U-Haul trailers (I think both are in service, which one you get will be luck of the draw) avoid this problem:

        (Photo swiped from Google Image Search)


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          Cheap to rent and easy to load. Works great with a Seven:

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            I guess it will be a Uhaul if the weather permits.
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