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Wanted: Right Angle Speedometer Drive

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  • Wanted: Right Angle Speedometer Drive

    I broke the right angle speedometer drive last time I pulled the drivetrain. I tried JB Weld that lasted a mile so back to square one. Caterham UK does not have them. The drive was standard on my 1991 Caterham Super Sprint 1700 with the Ford T9 five speed transmission, the drive cable operated a VDO speedometer. If I am lucky, there will be two photos with this post, one shows the broken part separate from the drive, the other with both parts together.

    PS My photo files were way too large and could not load. If you think you have the part PM me and I will send photos some other way/.

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    I read the other post first so did not see you'd already looked at Caterham UK. Did you email them or just look on their parts store?


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        Check Moss Motors, they might be the same.


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          This is the site Cat. UK sent me


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            Error on my first reply on my first reply, this Moss Motors part is not like mine, mine has a washer that is secured with a circlip, not this threaded part


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              Your vivid description reminds me that what I have is the same, i.e. held in by a circlip.

              The part that is held in with the circlip on mine is replaceable and I was able to machine a new brass hat.

              You are limited to the size photos you can post, try resizing them with a photo editor.


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                I find it best to simply call Caterham Parts at 1-44-1322-625801 sometime between midnight and 9:00 a.m. PDT (8am to 5pm UK-time, currently). Or, contact Redline Components at 1-44-1883-346515 during similar hours.
                | | Sean


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                  A surprisingly relevant thread popped up on Blatchat today…
                  | | Sean


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                    <sigh> I just can't read blatchat anymore...I loved the old format.
                    Tom "ELV15" Jones