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  • WTD: DeDion Rear

    Looking for a DeDion rear bar, aluminum ears, and half shafts for a 2001 Caterham Superlight R (Sierra LSD). Any help? Thanks Allan
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    Should we ask what happened to the old ones?


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      Originally posted by Doug Liedblad View Post
      Should we ask what happened to the old ones?
      LOL, nothing catastrophic or exciting, just bought a pile of parts that was almost a complete car and was cannibalized for his other cars. It was missing the DeDion tube, ears, and halfshafts, but I have the rest of the front and rear suspension. Seems like Caterham is out of stock and I wanted to see if anyone had some spares lying around. Even if I could get the specs, I would be able to make these parts, anyone in the northern NJ area that would be willing to let me take measurements? Thanks Allan


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        I know of someone with a slightly bent one, maybe could be straightened. I will ask if he is willing to part with it.

        I have several spare ears, I don't remember the angle on them and do not know if they are sound.

        Half shafts are another problem.

        Have you tried some of the aftermarket Caterham suppliers in the UK? Road and Race Transmissions, Demon Tweeks, SPComponents?



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          Thanks Doug, If I had a part in my hands, I could most likely replicate it. So any help would be appreciated. BTW, how many angles did the ears have? I see on the Caterham site that they sell one that was 15 degrees, which seems to be a lot. Would that be 7.5 degrees per side? Anyway, let me know what you can up with good or bad, Thanks Allan


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            Download the build manual from our resources page.

            I believe there are two common ear 'angles' 0.75آ؛ and 1.5آ؛. One is for bias ply tires the other radials.

            If there is no specific information in the build manual search on BLATCHAT. The Lotus 7 club of Great Briton's forum. Everything you need to know about the car is in their archives... if you can find it.


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              Hey Doug;

              The manual doesn't have any specs and Blatchat doesn't have a search function nor will let me join. It keeps on asking for my last password which I don't have nor does it give you anything in the email they send you lol. But 1.5 degrees sounds more like it, I must had misread it on the Caterham site. Still looking, so have any other ideas? Thanks Allan


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                Go to this page

                Select TechTalk or just go to the search bar near the upper right.

                You don't need to be a member or log in. You cannot post, only search.

                Worked for me just now it turned up results just by searching on 'ears'.



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                  This is another good one, to search only legacy Blatchat posts:


                  Be sure to change the settings in the desired pull-down menus first, particularly the "Search topics updated: In the last month" one. You might want to restrict your search to Tech Talk section also, but then you may miss a post with helpful information that was mistakenly posted to the wrong forum. Best of luck.

                  edit -- Also, you mentioned Caterham parts was out of stock, but didn't say where you heard that. If you called and spoke to them, then I'm sure that's the case, but their web-based parts store has been notorious for showing items out of stock when a phone call gets the part. At least that is what I have read.

                  Redline should also be listed as a source, as they typically have most things Seven-related in stock. I have read this from many sources, but have never dealt with them myself. As with most of the British motoring cottage industry, contacting them by speaking with them directly is the best way to get the most accurate information.
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