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WCM Ultralite and Trailer for sale

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  • WCM Ultralite and Trailer for sale

    After 6 glorious years of Seven ownership I am looking for a new owner to care for my 02 WCM Ultralite. The car is in great condition and is for sale only because I no longer have enough time to track it as frequently as I used to. This makes it the perfect opportunity for you to pick up a very fast, well sorted and most importantly reliable track car that is both 100% street legal and comfortable enough to be driven on the street.

    The base specs of the WCM Ultralite are:
    • 1400 lbs
    • 240 hp Honda S2000 motor (F22C)
    • S2000 gearbox
    • Subaru differential
    • Wilwood brakes
    • 0-60: 3.5 sec (traction limited)
    • Fully adjustable independent suspension (camber, caster, toe)
    • Adjustable pedals to fit different drivers
    • Adjustable shocks

    Over the years I have made several significant improvements to car to make it both safer and more reliable as a track car. The following are just some of the things I have done:
    • Roll Cage by TC Design
    • Fuel Safe fuel cell
    • OMP Pista HALO race seat with Schroth 6-point pull-up belts
    • Brake bias valve
    • Lithium battery
    • Differential brace for track duty
    • Rota Wheels with Nitto NT01 R-compound tires
    • Steel braided fuel lines
    • Custom Hushpower exhaust
    • Lotus Elise air intake

    While this list may appear very track focussed, they have also been made with an eye to keeping the car usable on the street. I have ~10,000 street miles on the car including a 2000 mile road trip to Seattle for the 2013 West Coast Lotus Meet

    Additional spares/items included with the car
    • Spare differential
    • Adjustable shocks (softer than current)
    • SDS EM3 tuner
    • lightweight trailer

    Included in the package is this lightweight custom trailer that specifically fits the Ultralite. With just an 11 foot bed and weighing an around 600 lbs, this trailer is the easiest way to get the Ultralite to events that are further away. With a combined weight for car + trailer of less that 2200 lbs, this trailer can be towed by most sedans and will not need a trailer brake controller or a 7-pin connector.

    The Ultralite is also fantastic fun at autocross and is usually the fastest street driven car at most events. The video below is from me winning the top time of the day at the 2013 WCLM autocross. You can see some more videos on more open autocross courses here, here and here.

    Location: Daly City, CA
    Current mileage: 15,575 (will increase as I am still driving it)
    Price: $27,000 (includes trailer and spares)
    Clear title in hand (registered via CA SB-100)

    High resolution current photos of the car are available at

    Click here for some video from a recent (July 6th) track day at Thunderhill West. This was its first track day in almost a year and it did not need any maintenance beyond a fluids and pressures check. Once at the track it did over a hundred miles in 100 degree weather with zero issues. Excuse the bad lines as it was my first day on Thunderhill West.

    For more information about the car you can find my extensive blog posts about the ownership experience or look at my Flickr account for hundreds of pictures from the last five years. Please contact me via PM if you are interested or would like any more information
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    V8 Stalker
    06 Elise
    02 Dodge Viper GTS
    16 Dodge Charger Hellcat