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WANTED: Four-Point Harness

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  • WANTED: Four-Point Harness

    Mine are tattered and won't hold a setting . . . I'm looking for a nice set for an S-3 Caterham. Must be BLACK.

    Please PM me if you have a set.

    Thanks, guys!

    Alan in Los Angeles

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    Why not upgrade to a 5-point. I think some people refer to the 4-point harnesses as suicide straps and not allowed on tracks anyway.
    Really not expensive, e.g. from G-Force.


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      Alan: I have (and like) the "Sabelt" brand 4-point set that is made specifically for a Caterham. As noted above, a 5-point harness is probably safer though, if hit hard in a Seven, I am not sure how much difference it would make...


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        Demon Tweeks carries Sabelt, Willans and Schroth harnesses for the Caterham, in escalating price points. The Schroth belts have their patented anti-submarining technology . . . Any thoughts on 2" or 3" lap belts?

        Also, I'm not looking forward to R&R'ing the existing harnesses. Everything is so tight, I can't even SEE where they bolt to the floor.


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          It depends on what track group you might run with. Some require 3" wide, others 2". I don't remember their rational.

          If you aren't running track days, whatever is comfortable.

          Mine mount on some brackets behind the seat.

          Seat removal required to install.

          I have the factory buckets, if you have the bench seat YMMV.

          I use 3" from Simpson. Mine are pull down, others like pull up. It may depend on your girth.

          Get the 5 point as you can always not hook up the anti-submarine belt. It's purpose is to keep the lap belt low on your hips.