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Update to bullit gearbox FS has mag tailhousing (saves 10 lbs)

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  • Update to bullit gearbox FS has mag tailhousing (saves 10 lbs)

    Ford competition ultra close ratio, full synchro, 3 rail gearbox built on the Ford 2821E cast iron casing with a GW magnesium tailhousing (saves 10 lbs). ratios are 2.30, 1.70,.1.28,1. very rare

    Asking $1800 OBO, Wayne at "[email protected]"

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    Wish I could afford this myself Wayne. I have an ultra-close dog-engagement box with mag bellhousing. If I were to buy it, I'd swap the mag tailshaft onto my racing transmission and trade out my semi-close for this one.

    Have you tried selling on I've seen your post on and the seven mailing list..


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      thanks for reply. will give that a try.

      Know that this is a rare gearbox, which I why I bought many years ago.

      This is excess as I have decided to sell my '62 S2 with 109E (SB1497) and keep the big tube. long cockpit, BD chassis Caterham with BDA power and 6 speed, very similar to the Tamaya BDR clamshell.


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        Still have this the "holy grail" of 3 rail, full synchro gearbox.

        Ultra close ratios and magnesium tailhousing. Have gearbox article on ford transmission that can send upon request.



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          This gearbox has an integral shifter housing inside the magnesium tailhousing.

          Pics can be seen at:
          Thanks to Geoff.