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Gearbox Remote Adaptor Help

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  • Gearbox Remote Adaptor Help

    Hi All,

    I am looking for the gearbox adaptor for my 1962 Lotus Super Seven. This is the wedge shaped aluminum piece that is sandwiched between the Spitfire Remote and the 105e/2000e tail housing. If you have one off the car but do not want to sell it, I would settle for dimensions off the adaptor in attempts in make one. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks Allan


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    You might check with BGH and or SPC (Steve Perks) both in the UK, they build transmissions for Sevens.

    If they don't respond to email in a timely manner, give them a call.


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      I agree with Doug, but would add Phil Stewart at Road and Race Transmissions as another potential contact. I would also add that you shouldn't even waste your time e-mailing Brian Hill at BGH Geartech. Just call.
      edit -- Just re-read my own comments. BGH is as good as the others with Type 9s (I have a BGH 'box in my car), but when I dealt with him, he responded readily to phone or fax correspondence, but not to e-mail.
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        You might also give Dave Bean Engineering a call.

        He might be your best bet in the US.


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          Thanks for all the replies. BGH and SPC appears to cater to the later gearboxes and DB was the first one that I called. But I am happy to say I did find one from Guy Smith in the UK. Thanks again for all the help, Allan
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            Is Guy Smith a resource we should know about?


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              Originally posted by Doug Liedblad View Post
              Is Guy Smith a resource we should know about?
              What he said. I was going to ask if you had been referred to Guy Smith by BGH, SPC, R&R, or DBE.
              | | Sean


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                I definitely added him to my favorites. He specializes in the early cars, Lotus Sevens, Ford Anglias, and Cortinas. Tony Ingram knows him well and from what I have heard, he has a good reputation from my UK Friends. But a well kept secret as none of these chaps mentioned him before I told them that I found the adaptor. I actually found him in shear desperation, searching for anything that was close to the item I needed. "Lotus Seven gearbox adaptor" or "105e adaptor" yielded nothing, not even a picture of the item. Then I tried every combination I could think of and found him by using Remote + Ford + Triumph and after searching several pages, there he was at . And it wasn't at some crazy price either and used the online shopping cart to put my order in. Hopefully I did not stumble on some old and abandoned website and he does indeed have the part. But will give him a call today. Very happy, Allan