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Kodiak Billet Racing Wheels (set of four)

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  • Kodiak Billet Racing Wheels (set of four)

    Hi all,

    I've got a nifty set of Kodiak Wheels that I don't think I'll ever use. They are 13"x10" I believe, shod with old slicks (that have sidewall cracking). The wheels have the correct offset for the front and rear on a Seven.

    kodiak_racing_wheel 017.jpgkodiak_racing_wheel 015.jpg

    Here's the difference between my street wheel and the Kodiak on the front.

    iPhone_archive 561.jpg

    What's a fair price?
    Anyone need them?



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    Fair price is about $1.00 each.

    Although someone may come along with a price you think is fairer.

    Justin, (SDCAT) bought some off the list a year or two back so you might search the FOR SALE section to see if it shows what they went for.

    Are they the same width front and rear? I think I have 10" rear and 8" front.

    Where are you located?

    How long have you had them as the center looks much different than mine. I think mine were forged.

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      A new set of Kodiak's with anodized centers is about $2,000. I love these wheels. I bought two sets used and had one set made new. I will pm you the price that I have bought used sets for.



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        I paid about $1200 for a new set but that was 8 or 9 years ago.


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          They are not forged, all say "Kodiak Billet". They all seem to be 13"x10", but have 13"x8" Goodyear slicks on them. The tape measure is 10" on the width of the wheel, and 8" on the width of the tire.

          I can imagine that many setups would have 8" front and 10" rear: Visually the 10" front is insanely wide, and physically I can't imagine that a Seven needs more stickiness in the front than the rear.

          If I could swap the Kodiak shell parts to construct reasonable road wheels, I would, as they look significantly better than the stock Seven wheels I currently have. But I think I'd need four (of the eight total) shell parts, which seems cost ineffective and would leave me with four shell parts that I doubt are easily resellable.



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            13" wheels might be too low for street use. Depending on the tire profile.

            I run 14" now, I think they are 195/60-14s and don't usually have any problems.


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              Originally posted by Doug Liedblad View Post
              13" wheels might be too low for street use. Depending on the tire profile.

              I run 14" now, I think they are 195/60-14s and don't usually have any problems.
              I've always used 13s. W/ CR500s they're fine on the road. 10" wide on the other hand is a whole different thing. That width would probably present a few challenges front & rear. Maybe they were for autocrossing?
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                I have a set of four 10" wheels too, and I imagine they'd be best for autocross as well. I put both Goodyear and Hankook slicks on them and tried them on road courses, but I wasn't any faster than I was with staggered 9" and 7" wheels and appropriate tires. I know that some people use 10" slicks on front and rear for road courses with some success, but it seems that most European sprint drivers use staqgered rims on our cars. These 10" rims would be great for autocross, though! If I ever get back into autocrossing, I will put some slicks on my 10's.



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                  PM sent.