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    Still have this as my other engine is turning out to be Doug proof.

    This was from a new car that was totaled by a hail storm on the way to the dealer. Delivery miles only. The tops of the pistons are still clean. I used 'engine fog' to preserve the bores.

    A cheap way to get 50+ HP more from a Zetec installation.

    Mechanically this will bolt into any Zetec powered Caterham and could be used as a Crossflow upgrade. I have the bell housing to do that, currently in use in my car but we can discuss.

    You maybe be able to use the stock intake manifold and stock ECU (I have one). The intake manifold needs the motor to control long / short path. I have the stock engine wiring harness.

    $3000.00. Delivery within a reasonable distance may be possible.

    Engine is in Thousand Oaks area.

    Doug - send a PM or call or text 805 four zero two -1225

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    I have a 2001 Caterham 1700 Super Sprint with the crossflow Kent and 40 Webers. What would be involved in upgrading to the Zetec engine. I am interested in what the power increase would be and how much it would cost as an approximation. Thanks, Dan Richland 760-574-6420


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      Cost would depend on how handy you are at doing things yourself and how much you want to do.

      I have 174 hp at the rear axle per my Dyno Day session. This is with the VCT delete using Jenvey's I did this for better cold air intake.

      Other than the engine the minimum you would need:

      Bell housing (crossflow one might work) I have a crossflow to Zetec conversion bell housing we can discuss. Otherwise check with Raceline
      Zetec headers See Caterham UK but I think it's about $1200. May find used from a Zetec to Duratec upgrade.
      I have a stock ECU and wiring harness that will get you started. Assuming the ECU works, never tested. It was supposed to be working when removed.
      Rocky Mountain Sports cars may or may not still have some of the bits to help.
      Motor mounts, check Caterham UK for prices.
      Clutch and flywheel. I have a flywheel but it's not lightweight. Included.
      Dry sump or Raceline wet sump estimate $1000
      Starter motor recommend a gear reduction one $200

      Check the right side of you chassis next to the engine, does it have a cutout along the top rail? They did this to fit Zetecs with stock intake manifold.

      If you want to use throttle bodies you'll need:

      After market ECU, I think Emeralds are around $1000 but not sure.
      Intake manifold, needs mods to ports, I can help with that, also available from Raceline
      Throttle bodies, I paid about $1600 several years ago. Jenvy work great.

      Other bits I can't recall right now.

      Feel free to call and discuss.


      PS: Don't think of it as a cost but an 'asset'. You can sell the crossflow for good money too.
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        Raceline have a bunch of Zetec bits n bobs. See their webpage here.
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          No experience good or bad to offer, but another source of parts, as well as helpful information: Burton Power (also U.K.-based)

          edit -- Burton's Tunig Guides tab has lots of great information that even I can understand.
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            If you decide to go for this, and add an aftermarket ECU, I would be happy to tune the car for you at our next dyno day.

            /Magnus F.