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Nicely equipped 7 on San Diego Craigslist - $50K

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  • Nicely equipped 7 on San Diego Craigslist - $50K

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    Very nice looking car. The 270HP may be real but is very highly tuned for a N/A Zetec. Generally Zetecs are pretty bulletproof and I know they do that much or more when turbocharged. I have no personal experience with them at that tune level.

    ACB10s that old should be replaced before you drive them much anywhere. They will probably be very slippery.

    I used mine for about 2.5 seasons on track as long as they were off the car and bagged. Three months unbagged they were gone.

    Plus they tramline or follow the grooves in the road horribly.

    If this is the car you want, don't let anything I say hold you back.

    I have read that the T9s don't do high RPM will unless you have the right bearings. Check Blatchat and other T9 sources. Call SPC or Quaife. I believe it can be dealt with.
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      This could be a red flag--"John Nelson; Caterham USA built car in 2000." Make sure you can get it past DMV SPCN built cars are exempted from the SB100 option.



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        Hi all.
        I'm the guy selling this car.
        I have dropped the price to $44,900 OBO in, and eBay.
        I was not able to get the original documents for the car. Original owner, who I finally tracked down, said he gave them to my cousin, who swears he doesnt have them. He is 78, and has had health problems.
        He had 40+ cars, and never cared about that stuff. In any case I got the details on the motor from the original owner, the shop that did the Dyno Tuning, and John Nelson.
        The car was purchased from John in 2000 - 2001, when he was a dealer. The factory built the kit, John had the motor built, 1st owner had shop in Tucson install the new ECU, modify the exhaust. "It used to exit out the back"
        It was originally registered as a 2001 SPCON in Nov. 2001. It has a catalytic converter and muffler combo, am not sure what it's made out of, but definitely not steel.
        Because I cant document the $30K in the Motor, that is supposed to spin to 10,000 RPM, make close to 300HP, I had it run on a Dyno, see pic in Clist ad of the graph.
        I took it to Only Yesterday, in Sorrento Valley. They are a private museum, and the staff primarily work on the owners cars.
        In any case I took it there, and after the 1st pull Dyno Joe looks at the screen and says 290 HP.
        I look at the screen and see 217.2. Joe explained "that many Dyno shops adjust the Dyno to Inflate the HP, to make customers happy.
        They do not play with the Dyno to change the results"
        I found a bunch of posts on this topic.
        Only Yesterday has a Dyno Dynamic Dyno, Commonly referred as "the Heart Breaker" for its results.
        Dyno Jets, are supposed to be very common, and are 10%-12% higher than a Dyno Dynamic.
        Then there is the adjustment for Drive Train Loss, to go from RWHP to at the Crank = Manufacturer Advertised HP
        217 HP + 11% = 241 (on a Dyno Jet?) add 20% for driveline = 289 HP
        Too Much Brain Damage, but I have a video of the pull, and you can hear this thing pull like a train, and run fantastically.
        From what I have read, and how the car performs, I bet it that 289 HP isn't too far off.
        I would love for someone with a 250+ HP car take me for a ride, and let me take them for a ride.
        I spoke to Roger Krause of Roger Krause Tires, and he said the 15 yr old AVON's are probably safe, and can be used for track days.
        He said he couldn't suggest going 160 MPH, on them. The original owner said he had it at 160 MPH on many occasions.
        I know it will do 110 MPH in 3rd gear at 7,500 RPM, and it went from 90 MPH to 130 MPH, in much less than 1/8 Mile in 4th gear.
        I only did it once and didn't look at the tach. It got there so fast, I was running in to the traffic, that was WAY up there when I put it in 4th and floored it.

        These cars are amazing! WOW
        Bob W


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          This car is now $36,500