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LUCAS 6DA Wiper Control Unit

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  • LUCAS 6DA Wiper Control Unit

    Greetings . . . I'm in need of a Lucas 6DA Wiper Control Unit for my '92 Caterham . . . see the pic below . . . does anyone have one to sell me?

    I also need a dipstick for a Super Sprint X-flow. It should have a yellow handle and be "springy" (i.e., not a solid stick).

    other parts needed: a cap for the radiator overflow bottle, and an oil breather cap for the valve cover, with an elbow for the PCV valve.

    I'm the guy who had the engine fire back in March . . . I'm about a month away from being back on the road!! I'll be posting a detailed photo essay of the resurrection.

    many thanks,
    alan in Los Angeles
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    Best I can do is:


    By mail from the UK is about one week and has never failed me. YMMV.



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      Maybe sounding like a broken record here, but... have you tried calling Redline in the U.K.?
      | | Sean


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        thanks, sean . . . didn't know about these guys.



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          well, i bought a Lucas 6DA Wiper Control from UK eBay, as suggested . . . and i have a problem:

          here's the old one that was damaged in my engine fire:

          Lucas 6DA old.jpg

          the same old one is on the right in the pic below . . . the new one is on the left . . . see the difference?

          does anyone have a spare Wiper Control with the male and female pins in the correct place to match my original unit?


          alan in LA
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            werthie - Thread started on Blatchat here. Someone there should be able to provide some guidance soon - but I expect the answer to be "call Redline", who may still be on holiday until Monday.

            edit -- This item on UK eBay (bidding ended, unfortunately) looks to be the same as your original, and shows the part number as 33404, whereas this similar but incorrect for you item (bidding also ended) shows P/N 33449A.

            edit 2 -- The Power of Blatchat! Mr. Roger Ford has found what appears to be the correct unit for your application on UK eBay. See Blatchat thread linked above.
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              Lucas 6DA Wiper Control

              Ha! That's the same seller who sold me the "wrong" part . . . I hope he still has a few of the "right" part . . . THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for clarifying my situation . . . I'm getting desperate to get the car back on the road again . . . I suppose if all else fails, I'll have to figure out how to connect the existing plug to the (wrong) control unit, wire by wire . . . ughh.


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                Originally posted by werthie View Post
                . . . I'm getting desperate to get the car back on the road again . . .
                Speaking from experience I can absolutely verify that once you've fixed your other problems the wiper control unit will not prevent operation of the vehicle. :-)
                A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                  Alan - You might try Rob and Jenni Dietsch at Dietsch Werks here in San Jose. They are DeLorean specialists, and the 6DA wiper control module with the connections as on yours was used on DeLoreans, so they may have one or know where best to look locally.

                  Also, if you look at the Blatchat thread linked in post #6 above, there has been further activity there.
                  | | Sean


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                    LUCAS 6DA Wiper Control Unit

                    thanks again, Sean . . . i've emailed DietschWerks . . . could you ask your friends on BlatChat how i might go about getting the plastic connector to the "wrong" control unit? then i could splice that into my existing wiring loom in place of the connector that's there now . . .



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                      I can, but it seems to me like you just need to find a junked TR7, TR8, or one of whatever other cars the "wrong" one is designed to fit.

                      edit -- Why not call/e-mail/contact Robsport (appear to have the correct one in stock currently, although it is second-hand), Rimmer Bros., or Revington TR as suggested by Roger Ford?

                      Just thought of another contact that may be able to help you - Paul Olivieri at Viking Motorsports in Costa Mesa. His shop appears to focus on British car restoration more than anything else, and they may be able to help. When my 7 broke down in Huntington Beach in 2013 May (electrical issue), this was the place that fixed it.
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