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1978 El Camino 4 speed IRS

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  • 1978 El Camino 4 speed IRS

    hi everyone . . . you may recall that i had the engine fire many months ago and reached out to the Forum for parts. the response and generosity was surprising and inspiring . . . i'm still a few months away from being on the road (the wiring is taking some time), but when we're up and running, i'll post pics and commentary on the rebuild.

    in the meantime, i've lost storage space and must reluctantly sell my very special El Camino . . . 1978 was the only year you could get a 4 speed. this car also has C3 Corvette independent rear suspension and rear discs. 350 motor lightly built. paint is lacquer and excellent.

    1978 Elco 1.jpg1978 Elco 2.jpg1978 Elco 3.jpg

    many more details for those who are interested. thought i'd give my new Caterham friends first dibs.

    alan in west LA