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  • new guy w/ two questions

    Hello, new guy here.

    1st question: does anyone have an ORIGINAL nose badge for a 1978 Caterham for sale or trade. I think it should be black with chrome and read SUPER 7 in an upside-down lotus triangle. My car has a G/Y ACBC Lotus badge. Caterham is not making them any more and RedLine doesn't have any. There are cheesy copies on eBay but I'd prefer original.

    2nd question: my car has a very tired TwinCam with a small alternator. I would like to find an alternator like this for my other English Ford car. The T/C alternator is a NipponDenso. it is very small in diameter (about 4 inch). I cannot find any numbers on it. Does anyone have a part number or application for this alternator...... or one for sale ? After reading some of the posts, I called BirkinSport (MSI) but they don't stock them anymore.

    Thanks much.

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    Alternator is probably from a 1990-1995 ish Geo Metro or Suzuki Samarai, or Swift.

    This is from 1992 Geo Metro, it's the one on the left in photo - LINK

    At least that is the one I have seen most used by Caterhams and it is the one MSI sold at one time, its the one I use.

    You can find it from auto parts stores, and Ebay. At times ebay has them around $50 to $75 and that's new.
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    • #3 all I need is an Impossible-to-find Caterham nose badge.


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        Originally posted by wbmoore View Post all I need is an Impossible-to-find Caterham nose badge.
        How about this one?

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          Welcome. You might try contacting Craig Chima through USA7s to see if he has one or knows where one might be found. Or maybe Dave Bean? Other than that, watch closely, I suppose.

          There was a group demand by HPC owners for the HPC badges about a year or so back, and they ultimately convinced Caterham to make an additional run of them just for their group buy (see Blatchat thread here). If you have access to Blatchat, you might be able to generate enough interest to successfully stage a similar campaign for the silver/black badge, as I would think they would be in equal or greater demand than the HPC badge.

          Best of luck.
          | | Sean