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  • Ammo Can

    New. Well, never used anyway. 2.5", Titanium, weighs next to nothing, gorgeous. Bag of re-packing material included.

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    Brad - This is your chance.


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      Originally posted by magnusfeuer View Post
      Brad - This is your chance.
      That would give Brad the motivation to upgrade to a Duratec engine....its is right-handed.


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        Can you not rotate them? I am not sure, but I believe that is the case.


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          Seems to work. Aren't rotated ones worth more?
          Or is this the Australian version?

          edit -- Rotating may not work that well, as the inlet tube is not straight into the silencer. If the outlet is formed to point down a bit relative to the inlet, this would have the outlet pointing up a bit if swapped to a left-hand exhaust set-up, which seems less than optimal.
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            I can not see this on the pic but my Raceco can has a mounting bracket welded to the outlet. If this can does also have that you would probably have to cut it off and re-weld.


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              Also the inlet port is off-center on mine, so it would not be a direct flip-n-drive. The real question here is why is Chris selling this. I hope Project Endless Upgrade is still on track...