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Caterham/?Lotus for sale

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  • Caterham/?Lotus for sale

    I have no connection with seller. This has been on CL for quite awhile.

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    seven in sunnyvale

    Originally posted by centerfireman View Post

    I have no connection with seller. This has been on CL for quite awhile.
    Hi potential buyer, I have seen the car but didn't test it, seller could not find the title when I asked so not sure if it is a caterham or copy or even registered in California. Might be a good one but in doubt I bought a seven on this forum and could not be happier, thank you mike.


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      Here is another one on craiglist right now, looks interesting with 1800cc holbay engine.

      Lotus/Caterham Lotus/Caterham - $25000 (sonoma)

      1984 Caterham Super 7. Well sorted Car. Holby 1800 cc motor. Recent over haul with new steel crank, Fardon rods, J E pistons, valves, bearings, water pump, oil pump,oil cooler and oil cooler thermostat. The motor is very strong. New gear reduction starter. It has the latest current Caterham alloy radiator and cooling fan. It has been up rated to current Caterham/AP 4 pot alloy front calipers and vented discs. It has an Odyssey dry battery and battery master switch. 4 speed. RHD.


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        I have touched the second (red) car and conversed with the seller. He is an expert compared to myself or actually anyone else I've met. At least I hope so as he currently is rebuilding my English Ford Timken style LSD rear end. If one wanted a traditional style 7 this one looks pretty good.