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2005 Superlight

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  • 2005 Superlight

    There is a 2005 Superlight, with a 190 HP Zetec, and 10,000 miles, for sale in Los Angeles on eBay. It is licensed and smog-exempt under the SB100 program. I have no connection to the seller and, unfortunately, do not know how to link the ad to this message...

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    Hopefully this link will work.

    SuperLight for Sale in Los Angeles on EBAY.

    Not my car and I don't know anything about it.

    Morgan, is this the car your buddy owns?



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      To link to a URL, type the following (with any desired URL in place of the one in bold here for clarity):

      Doing this will yield the following result (longer URLs are auto-truncated):

      Alternatively, you can type in:
      [url=]Caterham 7 for sale in Los Angeles, CA[/url] get:
      | | Sean


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        In the icons above the reply box there is blueish one with a small chain link at the bottom. Also there when you do the original post.

        Highlight the word you want to make a link, click the icon and paste the link.

        Or do it Sean's way.
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          A better example would be made had I a used shorter URL, such as:


          Once you get the syntax down, it becomes relatively painless to do with most any URL (believe me, I am no computer expert AT ALL!).
          edit -- I really like the "noparse" command available on this forum, because it makes it so easy for a non-computer guy like me to present an example as above.
          | | Sean


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            I will try to get the link done properly...



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              Does anyone know anything about this car, it looks like it was set up for and tracked?


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                I've not seen it before. If it was originally shipped to CA it may have been the last of the Will cars. Perhaps it came in through Colorado. Ad says it was repainted.

                It's got an Ammo can on it, and Nitrons, the 3-ways, which may be more curse than blessing, depending on a person's setup skills.
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                  The car is known to a few. I believe the owner is a member of this group but not too active with us.

                  Anyone seriously looking at this car send me a PM as I know some of it's history.

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                    It has been advertised as for sale on another forum from 2012 December. Other than that, I have no additional knowledge of this car.
                    | | Sean


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                      Originally posted by AstiDave View Post
                      Does anyone know anything about this car, it looks like it was set up for and tracked?

                      I am currently traveling in Japan and have limited internet access, but this is the same car you were looking at last time, different owner and repainted



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