Hi, We have a new kit coming in from Caterham. This is for the new Sigma engine based car. This is the SV (supersized) car.

New for this year is the Sigma version of the car. Using the smaller, lighter Ford Sigma engine. It is also a bit less expensive.

This car was ordered and in the pipeline with anticipated delivery of the kit in May. A new order placed now will not be here until summer...possibly late summer, so this enables you to get a car quite early. The car can be upgraded with simple bolt ons at any time.

Roadsport Sigma (120hp) SV $33,900
SV Option $3000

Includes the following:
14x6 alloy wheels with Avon ZV3 tires
Full weather equipment
Carpeted interior
Motolita Steering Wheel

Not included:
Sigma engine
Freight from Denver or San Diego

Unpainted, polished body with British Racing Green wings and nose.

Roller cost $36,900. Offered for a quick sale at $34,000.

FYI... you can source an engine for under $1000. A gearbox for $1600. And build it for under $38,000. Or have it built for under $41,000.