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****help**** enginge fire!!!! ****need parts****

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  • Doug Liedblad
    Have you considered what the heat may have done to the strength of the tubing and bronze welds? You might consider sending it to Arch for a front end replacement. You cut off the chassis before the firewall, send that to them, they install new parts, sheet metal, etc.

    I suggest calling Arch for their opinion.

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  • JohnCh
    Alan, the biggest PITA going from Crossflow to Duratec is dealing with the exhaust and intake changes (Duratec is 180 deg out). I installed a new body when I did my upgrade, so the issue for me was moot, and (unfortunately) you are in the same position. If you make the switch, you'll miss the sounds, but you'll love the power and increased range thanks to better mpg.


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  • moosetestbestanden
    Hi Alan,

    Sorry to hear about your car.

    If you follow threads hereabouts you'll know that I'm nearly done w/ an engine change. In the doing I've kept all of the parts from the initial installation. It's my intention to sell them on.

    If you would consider an engine change to a Duratec in all of this I have just about everything you'd need to make the change, apart from a bell housing & engine mounts - throttle bodies, ecu & engine harness, complete exhaust system etc. The engine itself can be sourced from local yards at amazingly inexpensive prices.

    Send a PM if you'd like. I'm in the foothills near Glendale.

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  • Rod
    I have an Extra front end from my 91 De dion, front shocks, brakes and radiators.


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  • werthie
    started a topic ****help**** enginge fire!!!! ****need parts****

    ****help**** enginge fire!!!! ****need parts****

    greetings and thanks in advance for reading this ad.

    sadly, my '92 Caterham (1700, 5 spd, de Dion) had an engine fire, and just about everything from the windshield forward needs replacing. this includes, but is not limited to, the wiring harness; the fiberglass nose and wings; headlights and turn signals; the hood; valve cover and cap; coil and plug wires; alternator; the radiator,shroud and oil cooler; front shocks; all suspension and sway bar bushings; all hoses (radiator, heater, front brakes, etc.); both air cleaners and filters; cables . . . well, you get the picture.

    if you have anything that you think might help with the resurrection, please contact me directly at werthie "at" AOL.

    happy (not "happy" about any of this, but you know what i mean) to pay a fair price. also, if you know of someone who might be of assistance, please forward this plea and/or give me their contact info.

    thank you again!

    alan in los angeles
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