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13" Racing Wheels with Slicks (4x100 Mazda size, not for Caterham)

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  • 13" Racing Wheels with Slicks (4x100 Mazda size, not for Caterham)

    I am just not using them enough (or anymore?) and if I should ever go to the track in the future I can just leave the road wheels on. And I need the space in my tiny garage.

    These are four lightweight (~10 lbs) 2-piece spun 13" aluminum wheels made by Real Racing Wheels with Hoosier bias ply slicks. The bolt pattern is 4x100 (like Mazda) and the back spacing suitable for a Birkin S3 (can measure if needed). They have full center discs and look very much business, no fancy design. The wheels are lightly used (maybe 15 track days) and the slicks about 3 years old with 3 or 4 track events but most of the rubber still on. Probably too old for competitive purpose but still pretty good. I believe the slicks are 6" and 8" wide (but must look it up to be sure, might as well be 7" and 8").

    The wheels alone are nowadays about $800 and I would sell the whole lot for $500 plus shipping. I could try shipping from my work place to save a few bucks.

    Please PM if interested. The picture below is from the catalog, not my actual wheels.

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    If you still have this wheels, please check you PM and /or contact me ( or I might have replied wrong ? ) or if you sold them please mark this thread "sold", Thanks Dave L


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      Hello Dave, not yet sold but I sent you email to the address in your PM after you asked the other day. Maybe that did not work, I guess.

      There was another interested party but have not heard back from him.

      So, if you want them you can have them. Anything more you need to know? They should bolt right onto any Birkin but the camber should be set neutral or minimal negative.