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  • Duratec Parts sale

    Time to, ahem, part with some components for anybody interested in a complete Duratec change over, or multi TB upgrade.

    I'm offering for sale the following:

    SBD throttle body kit complete w/ the items shown: TBs, trumpets, manifold, throttle linkage, fuel rail, injectors, TPS, pressure regulator, gauge, air filter backing plate and foam filter. All of this equipment is calibrated and balanced and very very reliable. Offered as a package - $1500.00. This kit is good for approximately 205 - 210 hp.

    Please note that the foam air filter has started to degrade from ozone exposure & an new one (approx $100 from SBD) would be a good idea. The fuel injection system will work for *any* Duratec installation - interested Focus drivers welcome.

    Raceline wet sump. Cosmetic scratches in the cooling fins at the front (speed bumps - I tried to go as slow as I could) - $350.00

    Raceline oil filter adapter: $100.00

    Exhaust primaries (1 3/4") & collector (2 1/2"): $700.00

    I will also sell an MBE 967 ECU to anyone who might be interested in a complete Duratec changeover. The only thing a person would need to complete the switch to a Duratec (2.0 or 2.3) would be the SBD wiring loom and a bellhousing. So lose weight (40 - 50 lbs) now, and gain power at the same time.


    Edited to add picture of exhaust
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    This, plus donor Ford Ranger engine, plus bell housing, plus engine mounts is a very nice upgrade for you Crossflow / Zentec oldtimers out there