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Lotus 7 Clone / Replica for sale.....03-05-12.....

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  • Lotus 7 Clone / Replica for sale.....03-05-12.....

    Well I decided to sell my 7 Replica.
    So if anyone is interested I will part ways with my hand built replica 7 clone that is licensed and titled in the State of California as a 1963 Lotus Seven without any restrictions.
    I am asking $16,999.00 US dollars and open to all reasonable offers.
    1a.jpg 2a.jpg 3a.jpg
    4a.jpg 8a.jpg 11a.jpg
    15a.jpg 19a.jpg
    If you want to see some of the photos I have of the build and the car follow this link or come see the car in person and less make a deal.
    If you’re interested or know of someone that might be interested let me know so make me an offer that I can not refuse and become the new owner of a fun little car.
    Contact me at MHKflyer52 at gmail dot com or by PM on this site or by posting on this site.

    It is also listed on ebay Item number: 180867349766

    It also made Jalopnik: Here is the link.
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    Martin Keller
    Ventura, Ca.

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    Martin Keller
    Ventura, Ca.