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  • Freestyle bulk buy??

    This week I received a "trackday package" consisting of Avo shocks and springs for my SLR designed and developed by Freestyle Motorsports. Freestyle does the suspension work on some of the very fastest 7s in the UK and Germany. The principals of the company both studied suspension engineering at University and between them have worked directly for Caterham for 10-15 years total before striking out on their own.

    My 7 is transformed after a practice day and an autocross to sort it out a bit. I especially thank David L for his behind the wheel diagnosis of what to do to improve the handling. The turn in is now instant and the car is both faster and easier to drive. For me that also equates to even more fun. Finding the limits of the car just got easier!

    I am still to receive a few more items and would like to consolidate them with another buyer(s) to better deal with the high cost of freight. Len informs me that a "bulk buy" is possible if we can get some orders together. Those of you still using the factory supplied set-ups could improve the handling of your cars a huge amount, in my opinion.

    Even if you have no interest I suggest that you visit their website Please respond right here if you are interested to know more about participating in a "bulk buy". I will make no profit from this and my sole motivation is improve the handling of any bulk buy participants 7s so that we can all have more pleasure driving our cars.

    I would not have believed that springs and adjustable shocks would alter and improve the drivability of my car to the degree that I experienced this weekend. But, I did buy them with the idea of reducing body roll and the terminal understeer which has plagued my autocross efforts. The results have exceeded my expectations and we'll probably do more playing to get it even better. 8)

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    I would be interested in the trackday suspension kit if I hadn't just spent a billion dollars on an upgraded drivetrain. In addition to this, a new set of Kumhos are sneaking their way up the expense list, quickly passing lesser items such as food and rent.

    I will probably have to wait a month or so before I can rationalize a new suspension to whatever is left of my financial sense of decency.

    The website is, by the way, without the trailing "s". (Java is needed to view the site.)

    /Magnus F.

    Tnx Brad for a lovely Saturday on the track.


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      Love to - particularly the pushrod front end, but a dry sump Must Come 1st, lest I spin it dry. That wouldn't be a happy thing at all.

      Oh, and note the Duratec engines listed on their site...
      A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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        Dry sump is a very good move!!! You will never regret going that way, and it supposedly adds a bit of power.

        If, when you hit the track/autocross body roll becomes a hindrance to your performance, then Freestyle has the solution; and it's not really that expensive considering how much it improves the 7. 8)


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          Ohhh. I've been tempted by the freesytle goodies for a while now. Glad to hear they are working so well for you. Unfortunatly I'm going to have to wait as other upgrades come first. (lowered floor is the next big item).


          Tom "ELV15" Jones


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            Elv15: Freestyle is a great upgrade for the $$$. After one weekend I like my car a lot better and can't wait to drive it again (drove it to work today for the first time ever!).

            Is the floor lowering kit available from RMSCI and how much do you expect to pay for it? The swami sees one of those in my future... 8)


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              floor lowering

              I had to contact Caterham aftersales in the UK to find out. The kit is 200UKP. To do both the passenger side and the drivers side you need two kits. The bummer is that the shipping is outrageous. 200UKP for shipping. So about $1100 USD in total. :!:

              The kit lowers the floor two inches. I need it to be able to see out of the windscreen. Right now I'm just looking over the aluminum bar at the top of the screen.
              Tom "ELV15" Jones


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                Lower butt

                I lowered the driver side floor only with a jigsaw, a new ali sheet from McMaster-Carr, 2 steel strips and a couple of rivets for about $ 60 (Birkin does not have an official floor lowering kit). Then bolted the seats right to the steel strips. Nice side effect is a more reclined seat.

                However, I made it only 1" because I read of people with lowered floor pans ripped open by rocks and that is just too close to valuable body parts.

                I may actually do it over again for boths sides and to get it somewhat cleaner. My first floor job lacks a little in the finish (but it is out of sight 8) )



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                  If RMSCI were to stock the kit a freight savings should be possible if they order by container loads. That would help a lot!!

                  Gert's idea sounds like a great solution :idea: :!: 8)