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Wanted - Centre Hubs for my Caterham Wheels

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  • Wanted - Centre Hubs for my Caterham Wheels

    I am trying to find wheel centres for my 1978 TC Cat7. I have (I think) attached photo's of the 13" Wheels. Assistance in finding an option would be greatly appreciated.

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    I don't see any attachments. The website has not been accepting uploads of photos from some members. Magnus is working on it when he can.

    You might post a link to them or an email where people can contact you to send direct.



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      Yes, my jpegs won't load, I have to send them to cyberspace and then give my post the URL in order to get them to show up.
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        Do you mean one of these robo-tit looking things?

        I don't know where to find them, other than through Caterham, but I thought the picture of one might be beneficial.

        I always put my photos on a host somewhere (flikr, photobucket, etc.) and use IMG tags pointing to the URL, which seems to still be working, even in these troubled times. :)
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          Those are front wheel bearing dust caps. They fit Triumph Herald / Spitfire and possibly others.
          I sourced mine from JAE last spring.

          If these are not what you are referring to, but rather wheel center caps, Caterham USA or possibly Redline Components in the UK may be able to help. Mick at Redline is very helpful. Likewise, John at Caterham USA is also a good resource.

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            Wheel Hubs

            Thank you everyone for your response and advice. I will do some digging at redline as Cat USA could not help me or the UK. I will also post a note with the UK club.

            Nice to hear from you all.