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MirrorsforSevens group buy - $95 each, 5 people needed

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  • MirrorsforSevens group buy - $95 each, 5 people needed

    See for the product, a rearview mirror custom made for Seven-esque vehicles.

    I have contacted Bob at regarding a group buy. I am willing to receive the shipment and coordinate distribution to everyone else if we get 5 buyers.

    Bob says:

    "I can do group buys of 5 mirrors for $95.00 each. They would have to be shipped in bulk to one address in the lower 48 states. Shipping would be $20.00 UPS ground. I will need a two week lead time to get everything together as I'm a little low on stock at the moment.


    I would like to get this started this week since I need a rearview mirror solution for my Locost.


    2001 CMC Locost Frame/2003 Yamaha R1 w/6spd sequential

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    First, welcome to the wonderful world of Sevens.

    I have one of those mirrors and it's great! I highly recommend them. The only spot I can't see is where my big head gets in the way!
    John Norris
    '91 Caterham 1700 c/f
    Green/Aluminum W/Clamshells
    '94 BMW 325I Racecar
    '94 BMW 325IS Racecar


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      Hi Aaron;

      I was planning to make one myself on our new printer at work. However, I'd be interested if this is gonna happen fairly soon.

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      '84 Turbo Esprit (x2)
      '14 Evora
      '77 Esprit S1 (RIP) :(

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        John, thanks for the welcome. I saw a bunch of these at the dyno dy so I have to have one. Don't want to glue a traditional rearview to the windscreen.
        Ron, if I can't get a group together in the next week I'll just order my own. A little steep at $120 shipped, but the specific design seems to be worth it.

        2001 CMC Locost Frame/2003 Yamaha R1 w/6spd sequential


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          Back in the day when I was a tire carrier for a guy that campaigned an Elan in SCCA events they used to be called 'Wink Mirrors'. Still are in fact. A quick google reveals that they can be had from numerous sources for around $20.00 or so.
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            The Wink mirror is several times wider than the Mirrors-for Seven unit. For me, the Wink would block too much of my forward view, while Bob's mirror is barely wider than the windshield frame and is practically un-noticable unless I'm using it.