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Still looking for a Caterham...maybe a Birkin

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  • Still looking for a Caterham...maybe a Birkin

    I am still in the market for an early 2000's Seven, Zetec, I have looked at several Birkins and they look pretty good, but I would rather have a Caterham. Color doesn't matter...i do like the polished aluminum.
    When I was just thinking about a purchase there seemed to be cars everywhere...when I am ready to buy...few. Maybe when the weather gets cooler more will come up for sale.

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    Same for me when I was looking, the minute I got serious about buying a seven, they all disappeared. Be warned, the moment you buy one, ten sevens will suddenly become available, and you'll imagine that they are all better than the one you just bought!
    btw, I ended up with a Birkin. I don't think they are any better or any worse than Caterhams, just slightly different. Oh, and be warned about upgrade-itis.
    It is impossible to resist......
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    Paul. Birkin S3 /Dunnel zetec/emerald ECU


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      Lppking for A Caterham

      The Birkins look interesting and the prices seem to be reasonable...that said I still lean towards a Caterham... when I was thinking about it...the Caterhams and Birkins were everywhere...maybe when the weather gets cold there will more cars available.


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        You might check with Dick Brink at Texas Motor Works; I think he has several pre-owned Birkins for sale.

        Otherwise, there are two Caterhams on Craig'sList right now:

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          I'd say that the -03 SV, with its zetec, is a better buy, if you can get the price down. 44K is about what the car would have cost when new. Pricing is really hard since the market is so small, but I think that there is at least some depreciation in an 8 year old vehicle.

          /Magnus F.


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            A very spiffy Birkin for sale here.

            Not exactly cheap but fabulous workmanship (have not seen it, judging from pics).

            ISIS harness, not yet fully wired
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              I just saw this one on Craig'sList:


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                Looking for a 7

                Is anyone familiar with this car?...I hate Craigslist.


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                  I'm 99% sure that is my old Birkin. I sold it about 5 years ago to a gentleman in Monterrey who looks to be the current owner and seller. Looks like he put about 8000 miles on it during his ownership. I was the second owner and sold it because I had bought a newer Birkin with many upgrades. The original owner/builder lived in Los Angeles and had it about 2 years before I bought it.

                  So if it is the same car, it is a year 2000 chassis purchased from Dick Brink and fitted with a new Zetec ZX3 crate motor using a stock Ford ecu out of a late 90's Ford Contour.

                  Here is my original post when I sold the car (the photos probably don't show anymore):

                  Let me know if you have any specific questions.


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                    After looking closer at the Craigslist photo, I'm 100% certain that is my old Birkin. It looks like the new owner replaced the mirrors and made larger lexan side shields. Here are some photos I took when I owned the car (maybe I'll get a commission!):

                    I'll probably lose my commission by posting this last one, but here goes:

                    Preparing for the Victorville Xmas Parade, Dec. 2004


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                      Looking for a caterham

                      Gone from Craigslist...I left a message yesterday and did not get a response...the car looks nice.


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                        I was just about to put my '03 Caterham SV on the site for sale, but thought I'd respond to you first. Pardon my computer ignorance, but I don't know how to post photos. Email me at [email protected] if you want pics.

                        Car has about 2600 miles, SB100 registered in CA, and was purchased from the (then) west coast distributor at Sears Point about 3 years ago with 1300 miles on it (he owned it himself).

                        Body is polished, with the bonnet, cowl, and nose in BRG along with the wings. Custom stripe and accents on the nose. All of this cosmetic work was done since I've owned it (I'll never take on the polishing task again!).

                        Pectel FI,allegedly about 180bhp (never on the dyno), full weather equipment, heater, cat removed, limited slip, etc. Runs superbly.

                        I'm starting on another Porsche project, so this unfortunately needs to go. I need to get about 42k.



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                          See email just sent.

                          Send me the photos and I'll get them posted.



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                            Hi Stan, This is my first time posting on this site. I bought you "old car" from George. It is running great, it is a lot better than my old Locost This weekend I am thinking of Driving from my home in Atascadero via Hy 1 to watch the races at Laguna Seca , Dave


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                              Dave - congratulations! I'm glad the Birkin is still in California. I think I still have the teddy bear if you want a copilot ;)