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Caterham Cheap?

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  • Caterham Cheap?

    It may have hidden issues that make it not so cheap.

    Just found on Ebay, no interest in it myself.

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    Even with some issues, looks still cheap to me. Not sure how much the re-paneling job is and I would probably try to sell the engine to one of the 3 or 4 K owners in the US.


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      The ad text indicates this is a '95 model, and the Q & A section at the bottom indicates it was originally titled in England. I am not currently looking, but if I were, I believe I would keep looking.
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        Erm, where's all the aluminum...?
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          The skin is there but probably needs to be replaced.

          Right hand drive so the UK reg may be correct.

          Not cheap enough I think.


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            If I were looking, I think I'd seriously consider this. It looks mostly complete, and this is the perfect opportunity to both renew it and convert it to LHD.


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              I saw this the other day. This is located at XK's Unlimited in San Luis Obispo.
              In the UK these are disassembled down to this level after quite a few miles or to repair crash damage. You certainly would be able to determine the condition of the chassis. The only way this sort of project makes sense is if you can do much of the work yourself. All of the bits are available so you can price everything out. If you built it yourself you would know what you have and have the satisfaction of bolting it together.
              The K Series is a problem to register in California but there are plenty of other options.
              If I didn't already have a Lotus and a Healey project I might be tempted.

              And leave it RH drive.


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                1965 Lotus 7 on EBay

                Check out the 1965 Lotus 7 on EBay..I couldn't get the link to post...It looks fun and it's in San Martin CA


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                  No MSO means no SB100. It would be very difficult to register in California.
                  Tom "ELV15" Jones


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                    Why not just register it as if it were a Locost?

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