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Wanted - Raceline Zetec Sump, ALU Bellhousing..

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  • Wanted - Raceline Zetec Sump, ALU Bellhousing..

    Looking for a Used/New: Raceline Zetec Sump, Aluminium Zetec to Type 9 Sierra Bellhousing. Doing engine swap from Xflow to Zetec.


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    You might also check the for sale section of Blatchat.

    Even with shipping you can save money over new.

    Do you have the Zetec already?


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      Wow...468 GBP at Burton. Quite pricey nowadays...

      You can also try the "Parts for Sale/Wanted" section on

      MSI/Vacaville used to have a Zetec dry sump casting of their own design but I don't know if they have still any left over since they got out of that business.

      As for an ali bellhousing you can check with Dick Brink how much a Birkin bellhousing is. He usually has stock of such stuff. It fits right away with a stock flywheel but needs grinding for a Fidanza flywheel.


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        Thanks Doug I'll try there also.

        Yes, I have a brand new crate motor that was given to me. Going to do mild head
        work but other than that nothing special.

        Thanks Slomove for the info. I'll check them also.


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          They are in the UK however.


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            If you are also looking for a Zetec to T9 bell housing I believe the Raceline one will use an annular release bearing.

            This makes installation a bit easier and lowers weight. It's also more convenient as you need to pull the engine if you have any slave cylinder leakage.:rolleyes:

            It's not really a problem as I've not heard of any leaking.