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    I got a bad case of upgrade-itis so I now have lots of spare parts to share. All of these came off my 2002 De Dion and they have about 10,000 miles on them. As far as I know all of the parts are in good working order. All of the Caterham prices are based off an old parts list, so I expect that you would pay more for a new parts today. The price list I used can be found here:

    Local pick up encouraged, but I will ship to you, but you pay for packaging and shipping.

    1). De Dion ears for ACB10s. These set the proper angle if you are running ACB10s. Caterham sells the set for $258.38. Rod’s price for the set $130.00
    2)De Deion Tube, Caterham price, $609.87, Rod’s price $300.00
    3) Rear Half Shafts. Caterham price for the set $584.59, Rod’s price for the set $300.00
    4) Watts linkage, Caterham price $840.00, Rod’s price $400.00
    5) Anti-roll bar rear, Caterham price $95.23, Rod’s price $50.00
    6) Rear Fenders, British racing green with lights and carbon fiber protection. Caterham price each is $372.31; Rod’s price each $175.00. There is some visible road rash.
    7) Rear Blistein Shocks, springs and adjustable spring seats. Caterham price each; $414.13, Rods, price each $150.00. (I have two to sell).
    8) Front anti-roll bar, 5/8, thick much stiffer than the stock bar, Caterham price $94.82, Rod’s price $50.00.
    9) Top wish bones Caterham price for both $328.42, Rod’s price $150.00.
    10) Lower wish bones Caterham price for both $268.80, Rod’s price $120.00
    11) Caterham limited slip differential gears. I replace these with one from Quafe, so this is for the diff assembly only and not the case. $ $400.00.
    12) Front Blistein Shocks, springs and adjustable spring seats. Caterham price each; $414.13, Rods, price each $150.00. (I have two to sell).
    13) I have three Prisoner Wheels left to sell. Caterham no longer makes these. $225.00 each for the good ones, and $100 for one rim with a slight flat spot.
    14) Custom made covers for Prisoner Wheels. These were milled from billet aluminum and anodized to match the rims. These replace the plastic wheel cover and still use the Caterham locking nuts. (included). $100.00 for the set of four.
    15) 45 mm diameter air horns, 100 mm tall. See this link: These will not fit my car due to the flared fenders. $100 for the set of four.
    Rod Swanson

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    | | Sean


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      I will call you in the morning
      Rod Swanson


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        Dibbs on the 5/8 in. front anti sway bar! It's for a standard track, right? Comes with the bushings or are you keeping them? I can pay via PayPal.


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          Someone else asked for the front roll bar, but he wanted it for a wide track. Let me confirm that he is not interested and it will be yours. It does come with the bushings. Are you local or do I need to ship this to you?
          Rod Swanson


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            Thanks. I'm in Los Angeles 90042. I'll need you to ship it to me. What do you think the shipping will run me?


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              I sent you a private message with my contact info and options
              Rod Swanson