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    Found this on Craigslist today (no affiliation):

    When I called the owner seemed either stressed, or maybe he was on his period, but for whatever reason he wasn't too friendly. I asked what needed to be done to make it drivable and he said "if you don't want a project just go buy a normal car" or something along those lines. Anyway it looks like it needs wiring and a front motor mount at a minimum to make it drivable, and a lot of time and love to make it CA DMV worthy, so I'm going to pass for now. I'm still hoping to find one that I can drive off that bat and start building my own once I have a slightly bigger garage, but this would be a great head start and a money saver if someone was hoping to go this route.

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    That has been listed for quite a while. He dropped it $100 recently. BTW Salinas is near the coast so if it has been sitting out I'd be a bit worried about wiring problems, and general "ROT".

    EDIT, don't worry about the wiring, there is none.


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      You'd probably be better off starting with this one:


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        Beware of being too cheap, it can get expensive very fast.