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Seven Wanted plus questions ref. listing

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  • Seven Wanted plus questions ref. listing

    I have never owned a Seven but am ready to pull the trigger. I have recently found this listing. I need some help sorting out a current listing.
    Sale is listed at

    Does this price look right?
    What questions should I be asking the seller?

    Any other East coast sales that you are aware of?



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    I also have my 7 up for sale, but I'm located in Southern California.

    My asking price is $24,500 for a 2005 Caterham 7 Crossflow powered.

    Additional details and pictures are available if there is any interest.


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      More info's please.

      Hello there, I'am looking for a 7 and I'm also in south CA, can I get a bit of history about your car along with some pictures. I have been in love with the car since my teen years, I have to move on my dream now that I still can literally get inside one :)

      Thanks, I hope to hear from you soon.



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        Sounds like a nice car. Zetec Caterhams are easy to live with from a maintenance and reliability standpoint. 2000 miles sounds great, but that means the car has been sitting a lot. Check for dry rotted hoses, and anything else made of rubber. Also look for evidence of critters gnawing at things like wiring. As to the price, crossflow cars seem to be in the mid $20K range; this car has some nice upgrades, so $30K range is probably not unreasonable. Ask about what type of engine management system is being used, as tuning ability varies with hardware. "Provided by Caterham USA" is not a blanket endorsement when it comes to engine set up. Also, was the car assembled by the seller, or by a Caterham dealer? A dealer assembled car is probably worth a bit more, or not, depending on the individual. Just my $.02.
        2013 Boss 302 Mustang
        2005 SV Roadsport (gone but not forgotten)


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          Thank you for your thoughts. Thats exactly the kind of $.02 I was looking for.



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            Thanks for responce. I am trying to keep search to the East Coast.