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  • Zetec SVT Engine

    Essentially new Zetec SVT engine. Missing some parts from the intake manifold. No flywheel or alternator.

    Removed from a new Focus that was damaged enroute to the dealer (hail storm).

    They had two and I bought them both. One is in my car the other has been stored since.

    I've not been able to break the first one so will part with the spare for the right price.

    The SVT is a bolt in swap for the stock Zetec and an easy way to get 40 to 50 hp more. You'll need to work out the ECU, wiring and intake details.

    Caterham USA has done this but no longer sells the engine, they may be able to support what you need. It's not difficult if they cannot.

    Offered to the list first, if no takers I'll try the Turbo Focus group as they've found the secret to blowing them up.

    Contact Doug at [email protected] dot com or call 8O5-4O2-1225
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    I now have the engine wiring harness and stock SVT ECU to go along with the engine.

    If someone wants to install it with the Ford ECU, stock intake and run the VCT this is most of what you'll need.

    I don't have the wiring harness connector from the ECU to the rest of the harness but these can be had. I'll look for one when I can.

    The SVT engine is an easy swap to get 40 to 50 HP more.

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      Still have it, waiting for the right buyer.


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        do you have an asking price?.

        Thanks, -David


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          Please send a PM for pricing.

          Thank you.

          Or call 8O5-4O2-1225


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            Back to the top.


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              About to let this go to a Focus owner, any interest let me know soon.

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                Buyer hasn't come up with the cash yet so it's still available.

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