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  • Birkin for Sale

    In Santa Monica.

    Built by Larry Anderson of MSI for himself when they were a Birkin dealer. If you know MSI then you know it was well done.

    No other interest than to be sure the locals know about it before it goes out of state.

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    This one will be coming to Fresno, Ca. The SB100 designation clinched the deal for me.

    Bob Scott
    Fresno, Ca


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      IIRC, I believe that car previously belonged to Bill Gimini from Sonoma. He used to drive it up here to Grants Pass to visit his son. Suprised me when he showed up at my place one day with a Stalker and has since acquired a second Super Stalker. I know he loved his Birkin and took really good care of it but don't know why he let it go in favor of a Stalker. You got a well-sorted out car and know you'll be happy for many years to come. Enjoy!
      If I'm incorrect I apologize.....trying to be helpful and supportive.
      With Best Regards,
      Jim F.


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        Good to hear that.

        Fresno isn't far from Buttonwillow so maybe we'll see you at the next track day we do there. Maybe the AROSC in June.

        Check the events section soon.



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          I really need to get out on the track. You are right. Buttonwillow is not that far. Quite a few members of our Valley British Car Club spend a lot of time at Buttonwillow.

          Hopefully i can find time to get there this summer.

          Bob Scott


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            Congratulations! Yes, this is Bill Gemini's car that he bought from Larry and sold to somebody not known to us. If you have questions about the car, I have Bill's contact info.