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Zetec Crate Motor

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  • Zetec Crate Motor

    This gentleman stopped by at the VARA race offering a Zetec crate motor for $1000.00. I believe he said it was made in 2002. Bought for a Sprint car that he never made.

    Frank Alvis 562-900-seven one eight two. Located in Bellflower, CA

    ebay has the same engine for the same price but no bids for whatever that's worth. Also a couple listed for more.

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    This is proof positive that we are a very small niche market in a time when times are tight. I recently got an e-mail from a gentleman selling a $10,000 V-Twin racing engine for custom motorcycles for just $3,000. This is an extremely well engineered motor that is known throughout the motorcycle marketplace. Yet it has not received one bid. It's a good time to grab top notch components for our Sevens.