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Looking for a few parts for the new year

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  • Looking for a few parts for the new year

    I'm getting ready to have some new / used parts shipped over from the U.K. and thought that I should see if anyone here has any of the parts I'm looking for. I'd rather spend the money here than with someone else. Here's what I'm looking for:

    1) Wind screen & stanchions (complete assembly or any part)
    2) Windshield wipers (complete assembly or any part)
    3) Lotus hand brake lever
    4) Front wing lamps
    5) Speedometer
    6) Tachometer
    7) Horn
    8) Set (4) of adjustable shocks

    I've got a vehicle inspection to pass in order to get it registered. I'm thinking that the CHP is gonna look for all of this stuff at that time. Used parts would be good for most items as they're coming off right after registration.

    '62 Lotus Seven
    '84 Turbo Esprit (x2)
    '14 Evora
    '77 Esprit S1 (RIP) :(

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    My CHP guy didn't look at any of that stuff. I didn't even have a windshield and he didn't care. I think their function is to verify (to the best of their ability) that the major parts aren't stolen and then to affix the VIN.

    My B&L check was laughable and merely a formality
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      I'd make sure that the speedo, horn, windshield and wipers are present for the inspection since they are required by the vehicle code (although I am not sure about the wipers). You could probably borrow the windscreen/wiper setup from one of us if you never plan to use it again.

      /Magnus F.


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        I have non-adjustable shocks & springs from a wide track 7 and live in SD county.....


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          Hello escondidoron,

          If you want to borrow I have:

          1) Complete windscreen assy - I also have a pair of blank stanchions (has a large diameter hole where you would machine the triangle) that you can buy.
          Currently running Brookland. Yeah only one.
          2) Wipers, complete - Black Caterham type
          3) Brake Lever assy
          4) If you need indicators you can borrow my L539 and fabricate a mounting for the front or you can borrow my L488 lamps that I might be using.
          5) Speedo - Cortina type - never hooked it up so I don't know if it works
          6) Tach - Sprite type - does work
          7) Any old 12v horn will do, actually two is better
          8) Dampers - Spax adjustable - You can borrow these if you need to move your car around. They are currently on my car but they need to come off for a spring change.

          You can have the instruments.

          My car is "resting" for the winter so it won't be missing any of these items for a while. If you end up placing an order to the UK, perhaps we can consolidate requirements and share the shipping cost. I can't think of anything that I need at the moment but give me a minute. Obviously this will depend on the supplier that you use. Just a thought.

          I am in Canyon Country so it is a bit of a drive but I do have reason to visit Orange County on occasion so we could meet there. Alternatively, I wouldn't mind driving down to see your car. It is rare to be able to see an "originalish" car.

          Let me know what you would like to do.