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2002 De Dion 200 hp SB 100 Kit

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  • 2002 De Dion 200 hp SB 100 Kit

    I am selling my unassembled 2002 de Dion Caterham 7 with SB 100 reg.
    Most of you know I got the slightly bent chass from Rod
    Swanson. It is now restored with a short front and side panels from Arch.
    The engine is a 2.0 Zetec from Autocourse, ported and
    cams by Esslinger. Very similar to Brads motor. I had the cams
    checked at Schneider, 294 deg .4 lift so equivalent to
    Kent 12's. I guess about 200 + hp with carbs. Raceline sump, RMSCI
    bell housing, T- 9 checked by my local trans guy.
    I have the wide track front sus for it also.
    I have most of the parts, I can email a complete list of what
    is included and what is missing and pictures, see list below.
    Asking $ 20,500 will post on ebay at noon today.
    I would prefer to sell it in CA. I have been autoxing my FMod Solo Vee
    and have another bent 7 that I am building. Soo I would like this car
    to go to a good home.
    Cheers Rod
    619 561 5584
    ps any of you that would like to be beaten by a VW are welcome to come
    to the next autox, looser buys the burgers.

    Below is the text from the ebay add

    Caterham 7 S3 Unassembled
    California SB - 100 registration
    reg as 1962 Lotus 7 no smog
    wide track front suspension
    de Dion rear suspension
    lowered floor for tall driver
    quick release steering column
    Esslinger Zetec 200 hp
    Vernier cam gears
    Fidanza ally flywheel
    Stock T - 9 5 spd
    Raceline sump
    many new parts

    Price $ 20,500

    Most of the parts to complete this car are included. See below
    I believe this list to be mostly complete but the buyer will satisfy her / himself
    with the accuracy of the list. I estimate $ 6,500 should complete the
    car and ? hours. I was building it for myself but now have another project.
    The chassis was damaged in the front right ( pass ) corner.
    It has been repaired by a professional
    race / sand car builder / fabricator. It was checked for
    level and length and is within 1 / 16 of spec. The side panels
    are new as is the bonnet and scuttle. Most of the used parts are
    near new , to very good condition.
    The engine is an Autocourse Ford 2.0 Zetec motor
    with cams a head that have been modified for a race series
    by Esslinger Engineering. 10.5 - 1 compression ratio, the intake is seriously ported and it
    has Esslinger cams, about 294 deg duration, it will idle.
    A similar car - engine with efi and throttle bodies but is putting
    out about 210 at the flywheel. I estimate about 200 hp at the flywheel with 2 x 45 mm webers.

    Note. this will be a seriously fast car, under hard acceleration
    when the motor comes on the cam it will spin street tires
    in all gears, I have driven the above mentioned car at competition events so I have first hand knowledge.
    In other words do not punch the throttle at any time on any public road. It will go sideways.
    If you are not an experienced driver of performance cars either do not buy it or treat it
    with a great deal of respect.
    If the purchaser is in the San DIego area I will help sort the car at the SDR-SCCA autocross events.
    Please contact me with any questions.

    Buyer to pick up in person. The chass will fit in a small pickup weighs about 150 lbs
    Rod Lingren

    Caterham 7
    Parts List

    new n
    needed o
    expensive shipping +

    Body Parts
    Front wings
    wing stays n
    bonnet n
    nose cone
    rear wings
    scuttle n
    wind screen w/ uprights
    glass o

    Chass & Parts
    2002 de Dion Chass
    new aluminum
    side panels
    pedals gas, brake, clutch n
    master cyl brake
    master cyl clutch n
    wiring harness o
    instruments o
    switches o
    washer bottle w/ motor n
    wiper assy n
    heater n
    gas tank n
    brake lines n
    carpet n
    seats o
    roll bar n
    seat belts - inertia reel
    lowered floor
    gas line o
    boot cover o
    jack n

    Front Sus
    up a arms wide track n
    low a arms wide track n
    anti roll bar wide track n
    coilovers w/wide track adaptors

    complete assy
    brake lines flex n

    wheel o
    up shaft
    quick release n
    low shaft w/ u joint n
    clamp n
    rack clamps
    tie rod ends n

    radiator w/ fan and sensor
    filler n
    expansion bottle

    head lamps o
    head lamp buckets n
    head lamp mt bkts n
    front flashers n
    rear lt clusters n
    backup lights n
    lg brake light n

    Rear susp parts
    a frame
    radius arms

    de Dion
    drive shafts o
    prop shaft n
    brake calipers
    dD tube new powder coat
    dD ears
    drive flanges
    discs n
    hubs and bearings
    brake lines o
    hand brake

    Wheels & Tires
    Minatior 6 x 13
    Avon ACB 10 not for street.

    Engine - Drive Train
    Esslinger 210 hp motor
    Esslinger ported head
    Esslinger cams
    alternator n
    belt tensioner n
    intake manifold o
    2 x 45 mm Webers o
    computer o
    suggest Megajolt for carbs
    header n
    4 - 4 n
    collector - cat - muffler
    tail pipe n
    over flow bottle
    sump Raceline
    motor mts n
    flywheel - Fidanza n
    bell housing- RMSCI
    clutch p plate n
    clutch slave anular
    trans T - 9 checked

    Seven Parts Needed

    Head lamps 40
    Wind screen glass 100
    Wiring harness / loom 400 +
    Instruments VDO 350
    Horn 30 +
    Alu racing 360 +
    Fuel filler cap and assy 100
    Uprights 1200 +
    Steering wheel 120
    Driveshafts – de Dion 700 +
    Drop links R sway bar 60 +
    Radiator hoses 75
    Gas line 50
    Boot cover 150
    2 x 45 mm Weber 600
    intake manifold 200
    harness sensor etc. 400

    Total $ 4835

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    Sold or Unsold that is my question ?


    Did you end up selling this unit?