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Selling my Seven Trailer!

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  • Selling my Seven Trailer!

    Reluctantly I have to replace my open trailer with something slightly bigger to fit my new f-car. My loss is your gain, and this is your opportunity to pick up the PERFECT trailer for a Super Seven at a miserable fraction of the replacement cost. I have advertised it on Craig's list - danged if I can attach a link (somebody please help!) but if you are interested you can search the SF Bay Area for sale listings for "car trailer light weight single axle" or, if that's too hard, try searching on the key word "SuperSeven" or, if that's too hard, send me $1500 and I'll take care of the details.

    To summarize - this fine example of trailerartistry embodies Chapman's admonition to "add lightness". My Seven rolls on and off with ease. I have replaced everything that can wear out, and fitted new electric brakes. Fully loaded, the trailer verily floats down the highway; pretty women smile and wave; children sing; I'm sure it improves my gas mileage (women and children not included). See photos.

    I'd rather keep it in the Seven community but I'll take anyone's cash so please be quick!
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    | | Sean


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      Hi Michael,

      You have an email. :)
      Tom "ELV15" Jones


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        That thing looks like it would be perfect for formula ford guys.

        I'll post on apexspeed (formula ford forum) with your permission.


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          Sure, go ahead and post on apexspeed. Thanks!