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Street legal SV for sale.

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  • sdcat
    Looks like it sold already!

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  • magnusfeuer
    started a topic Street legal SV for sale.

    Street legal SV for sale.

    Brad pointed out that Ken is selling his SV:

    This is the car that I had an A-arm failure in. I cannot find the thread in this forum where I described it (with pictures), but the bottom front tube holding the bushing that is mounted against the front end of the chassis opened up, at which the whole wheel setup collapsed. There was a weld in the tube that seemed to have rusted. It was a close one for me since this happened at a stop sign about five minutes after I turned off the freeway with the car.

    The damage was, if I remember, alu-skin only with no warping or other structural issues. It seems like the car has been re-skinned and fixed.

    Apart from that little issue, the car drove fine. Harry Appelby of Viking Motorsports in Costa Mesa did a lot of work on it, and he knows what he is doing.

    Please note that it was a couple of years ago since I saw the car, and I don't know the current state of it.

    Nice specs with the potential to be really fast with a bit of engine upgrades.

    /Magnus F.