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New Member looking for a highway car

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  • New Member looking for a highway car

    I am looking for a streetable 7 that is currently registered in California.
    [email protected]

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    Could you give us a little better idea of what sort of 7 you are looking for? Such as: A specific marque like birkin/caterham/westfield/locost/etc; bike engine/duratec/zetec/crossflow; possible price range and your geographic location in CA.

    Such information can assist anyone that knows of available 7s. For example, I know of a couple of cars that will soon be for sale but are in the "not for everyone" category. One will require completion by the buyer, which will be attractive to some and unattractive to others. Another will be a good car at the right price but not what some might seek. A few others may come to mind if you can put some flesh on the bones for us.

    Have you contacted Woody @ MSI motorsports or Kampena Motors? Both sell cars and know a lot of owners.

    If you will tell us where you are local owners may offer a ride/visit/tour or possibly a drive. To a large degree the other owners are the dealer network helping wrench and swapping parts.

    Most 7s that I know about are registered for road use.

    It might be useful to review earlier offers on this site for an idea of what cars may have changed hands at possible price points and some may still be for sale.

    Good luck, we'll help you if we can.