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looking for a Seven in northern California...

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  • looking for a Seven in northern California...

    edit-no longer looking, found a Birkin...
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    Caterham? Birkin? Or does it not matter?
    Street legal or track weapon?


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      sorry, I did give not enough detail...Caterham or Birkin, street legal, clean CA title, preferably SB100...
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        I'm 6' 2"/200 and can wedge my disfigured and mis-shapen body into a regular Caterham. It is snug, but I am comfy. In the SV I feel like my body is sliding around. The feel is positively commodious compared to the standard 7.

        Still, not sure which I'd get if I bought another. Probably a BEC or dedicated track/high HP version; which probably comes down to the standard size...

        Depends on what you are going to do with the car. When I ordered mine I figured that it would be 90% street/touring and 10% autocross/track. In fact, it's about exactly the opposite. The real fun of the car is exploring its' limits and improving those capabilities with a severe case of upgradeitis. The performance capabilities of a 7 are so ridiculously high that you really need to get it off the street for the real fun. Acceleration/braking/cornering are orders of magnitude higher than street "performance" cars.
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          thanks, it is good to know that a standard body works for you as I'm almost exactly the same size.....a Seven showed up on Craigslist S.F. today but the asking price in $49K....a little too high

          the tinkering and upgrading is part of the appeal for me, miss that from my motorcycle days, also want to try autox and track days...


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            Looks like a nice car, anyone know whom the seller might be? You could probably build a similar car for that sort of money or more, I suspect. The car has good options: 6 speed, lowered floor, tillets, etc.

            The roll bar looks like the R500 version.


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              It is worth noting that I was originally designed for speed but, the passing of time has left me resembling one who was built for comfort. Much thicker in the middle, now.


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                Last question: Does the car for sale appear to be located @ MSI?


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                  Superlight For Sale

                  I could be wrong, but since the listing is for the San Francisco region it appears to me to be at Rich Kamp's Golden Gate Sevens at Infineon (Sears Point) in Sonoma. He built my '03 Roadsport and the background seems familiar. Call Rich @ (707)933-8039.
                  With Best Regards,
                  Jim F.


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                    Area code 707 includes Benicia, Blue Lake, Boonville, Bridgeville, Cloverdale, Cobb Mountain, Covelo, Elk, Fairfield, Garberville, Gualala, Gueneville, Hydesville, Kelseyville, Lake Berryess, Laytonville, Leggett, Mad River, Mendocino, Miranda, Occidental, Petaluma Main, Piercy, Santa Rosa, Timber Cove DA, Ukiah, Upper Lake, Vacaville, Vallejo, White Horn, Willits, and Yountville in Northern California.
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