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VARA conducts a two day driving school in SoCal

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  • VARA conducts a two day driving school in SoCal

    Every year VARA conducts a two day driving school for all levels of drivers whether you have a street car that you want to drive better or see what your car is like on the skid pad, track or under threshold braking , or if you have a race prepped car.

    For 2008 it is on Feb 9 and 10 (Sat and Sun) at Buttonwillow Raceway Park which is westerly from Bakersfield just off I5. The entry fee is only $275 for the two day school. Plenty of motel rooms within 10 miles of the track or motor homes are fine. Hookups are availiable on a first come from the Track at a reasonable fee.

    A's , B's, English, German, Fords...were not partial. Open cars must have a roll bar. There will be four groups.....2 advanced and two novice/not so advanced. Track time, classroom time, skid pad and also threshold braking. Danny McKeever (Fast lane Instructor at Willow) conducts the classes and the instructor/student ratio is about 8:1 so you can get some personal attention. For meor information, safety requrements etc. look on the VARA

    I have no affilation but though others might be interested.
    Martin Keller
    Ventura, Ca.

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    That looks interesting and I may be able to go, but will find out only first week of January. I hope that is not too late then?


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      I'm considering going to this event, and wondering if anyone else is planning on it. Anyone run with VARA before? Can we run in their regular series, too, since most of our cars have modern engines and modified suspension compared to the vintage lotus seven?



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        Looks like I will have to travel to Europe the following week. Not even mentioning that my car would need some attention before any track activity. Anyway, I can't go :(