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Northwest Se7ens Tour Send-Off Barbeque

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  • Northwest Se7ens Tour Send-Off Barbeque

    As a reader of this forum, you know the Northwest Se7ens Tour departs Vacaville this Saturday Morning.

    To celebrate these intrepid travelers, MSI Motorsport is hosting a send-off barbeque. We would like to invite any and all Se7ens owners and enthusiasts to join in the fun. Whether or not you are a long-distance tourer, just go for quick blats, autocross, track days, or racing all Se7ens people seem to share a lot of common traits (crazy?), so come out and enjoy some other neat people.

    BTW, tour organizer Gert Burkhardt has extended an invitation to any local Se7ens drivers to join in the tour when it is in your neck of the woods. Sounds like a great idea to me, join the fun.

    The tour group will be gathering at MSI at about 6PM and we will then convoy to the barbeque at Duncan Miller's aircraft museum hanger at the Nut Tree Airport. Figure on 6-10PM for the barbeque.

    All welcome, but non-tour people please RSVP as we only have a head count for the tour group and don't want to run short of provisions. Feel free to bring your favorite side dish if you like.

    Woody Harris & Larry Anderson
    MSI Motorsport
    742 E. Main St.
    Vacaville, CA 95688
    [email protected]

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    Re NW Tour barbrque

    Should have mentioned the date is this Friday eve., 8/17!