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Weekend blat with the PNW tour?

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  • Weekend blat with the PNW tour?

    Just a reminder for the NorCal folks....

    Next weekend we are going to start our Pacific Northwest Tour in Vacaville.

    If you got nothing else to do and want to hook up with us:

    Friday late afternoon (8/17) meeting at MSI, later reception at the Vacaville airport/museum.

    Saturday drive north to Weaverville (Shasta Trinity area).

    ...... 14 days and 3000 miles later...... Sunday 9/2 drive from Ft. Bragg back to Vacaville.

    You are welcome to join us for a beer or a couple of miles. Let me know if you need more information!


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    '07 Tour

    I know it's getting close to your tour start, but would you have a chance to post your timetable after you leave Vacaville on Sat. morning? I don't think I saw your final route posted, but if there's a chance I might see all of you as you convoy here through Oregon I'd sure like to do so. Are you entering Oregon from the I-5 at Ashland, or perhaps the 97 out of Weed on your way to Crater Lake (if that's still the intended route)? Since I live about 45 mins. from Ashland any close time window will be appreciated. Thank you!
    At any rate, if I should miss you, have a safe, enjoyable tour..... enjoy the Pacific Northwest and Canada!
    With Best Regards,
    Jim F.


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      Hi Jim,

      We will drive Saturday up to Weaverville (Shasta-Trinity) and continue Sunday on Hwy3 to Yreka, then Hwy 263 to Hawkinsville, Hwy 96 to Henley, I5 across the state border to Hilt, Old Hwy 99 to Siskiyou, Siskiyou Hwy to Ashland/Shale City, Dead Indian Memorial Rd./Hwy140 to Klamath Lake, West Side Road/Hwy62 to Crater Lake NP.

      If you send me your phone number by private mail I can give you a call when we approach Yreka. Might even be an idea to stop for lunch in Ashland.


      Another opportunity for you might be to hook up with us on the way back e.g. in Coos Bay and continue south until Redwood NP. Nice 330 mile drive from Grant's Pass :)
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        Just sent you a PM............hope you get it.
        With Best Regards,
        Jim F.