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AROSC 3/31 and 4/1

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  • AROSC 3/31 and 4/1

    Clark is currently planning on running the enduro.

    I'm planning on doing the time trial only.

    Anyone else planning on this event?


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    I won't have time to enter and drive the car because of work. Bleah.
    A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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      I am out of town that weekend. The good news it's not for work but real vacation :)


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        I don't undestand...

        Why would you want a vacation that is not pivoting around the Seven?

        /Magnus F.


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          Don't you need a time trial license for that?

          /Magnus F.


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            No time trial license required but you do have to apply for one.

            After running a few of their events they will issue you one.



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              AROSC still has room at their Buttonwillow event this weekend if anyone else is able to make it.

              I'll be at one of the RV parking pads, 8A.

              In the past the AROSC has put on as good or better event than NASA. A competitive price and fewer cars on the track.

              If anyone is interested they should let Terry Watson know right way.

              His phone number is on the entry form at email below.


              Terry Watson
              AROCS Registration Director
              [email protected]

              They will have tech on Friday afternoon for the those that cannot make it to a local tech center.



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                Sorry I couldn't make the event. Post in and tell us how it went when you can Doug.
                A day you don't go a hundred is a day wasted


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                  It was another excellent event by the AROSC. Only about 75 cars including the race groups so we all had plenty of clear track, about 15 cars at any one time.

                  They had three 25 to 30 minute practice sessions on Saturday, two on Sunday then the timed runs. Add to that a couple of races each day and a two hour enduro Saturday.

                  The place was empty compared to the NASA events. More laid back and not subject (at least this time) to the crazy idiots we’ve seen at NASA.

                  The only guy that passed where he shouldn’t have was called to the tower for a talking to. He then apologized to the group and spent 15 minutes telling us how to really go faster. . It is educational being passed by a 700 hp monster. (I should note that none of his passes were unsafe - He didn’t realize he had gone out with the novice group.)

                  I did my personal best time here and it does seem as ACB10s work the best when worn to almost slicks. Tony’s instruction helped too. I also qualified and received my AROSC time trial license.

                  Honorable mention to another of my HEROES, Fred Hamilton, in his Buick GS. He was by no means the slowest car. Fred turned 93 on April 1st.

                  I’ve been to the AROSC time trial schools and believe they do a better job of teaching safe driving than NASA SoCal.

                  If you want into a race group they are a bit easier on the requirements, the roll cage is not required. If you get to know them you can get into the race. I was invited.

                  If it sounds like I am promoting them, I am, I think they do a great job and deserve whatever support we can give.
                  Last edited by Doug Liedblad; April 3, 2007, 02:28 AM.


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                    Great Story for a Buttonwillow Weekend

                    Doug, thank-you for writing your Buttonwillow report. Good reading, and I'm glad it was an excellent weekend for you! Also, congratulations on your new Time Trial license. Trust me, I'd rather have been at the track and racing in the Enduro with you and my friends in the AROSC than here at work digging out from recent problems.

                    Everything you said about the AROSC and its members is true, and I agree with your opinion about the relative safety and sportsmanship versus NASA. Don't get me wrong, I've thoroughly enjoyed driving in the NASA events for their challenges, the interesting downloads, and sometimes (not always, e.g., HPDE 2 guys at last year's Thunderhill - ask Chris) good group leaders. So. Cal HPDE 3 leader, Mike Peters is absolute TOPS! I just think that for our CCC members to test the TT and racing waters, AROSC offers a superior and reasonable deal. Besides, they'll work with us if we want to form a Sevens class.

                    Anyone for karting? On June 10, the AROSC is hosting an event at Dromo 1 near Anaheim Stadium. Maybe we can form a Sevens team to compete.

                    Best wishes,
                    Last edited by Clark; April 2, 2007, 11:35 PM.